• "Thanks to Trimm-Way, I was able to make it to my goal weight in time for my wedding! Karen was so wonderfully encouraging and supportive -- I couldn't have done it without her!"

    – Jessica

    Trimm-Way Weight Center Client
  • "I received an unbelievable return on my investment of time and money and I would recommend Karen Kelley to anyone that has weight loss goals that they are trying to achieve."

    – Robert

    Trimm-Way Weight Center Client
  • "I'm a busy 18-year-old college student, with a girlfriend and working 2 jobs.
    Karen helped me lose 40 pounds in 4½ months.
    If I can do it, you can do it -- determination is key!"

    - Austin

    Trimm-Way Weight Center Client

  • "I lost 16 lbs. in 90 days and 5 inches around my waist -- all due to Karen and Trimm-Way.  I never felt I was missing out or depriving myself.  I’ve gained more energy and feel amazing." 

    – Bill, Age 52

    Trimm-Way Weight Center Client
  • Convenient Burlingame Location

  • Personalized Coaching Makes the Difference.

    Trimm-Way Weight Center
  • Trimm-Way Brand Protein Bars
    Delicious protein bars are available in a variety of tasty flavors. Just like candy bars, without the guilt. Lose weight and satisfy cravings.

  • "After just 90 days with Trimm-Way, I attained my weight-loss goal & my body fat is like a fitness competitor.  Karen Kelley coached me to listen to my body and resist food temptation."

    – Jordana, Age 51

    Trimm-Way Weight Center Client
  • Programs for All Ages
  • Diet Programs for Every Need
    Your specific needs will be addressed in a personalized program that will be tailored to match your lifestyle and goals.

    Regular review sessions will keep you on track.

  • Bars, Shakes, and Proven Products
    Trimm-Way carries a variety of products to support your successful weight loss.


Trimm-Way Weight Center offers an affordable approach to weight management that is both personalized and long-lasting.

Karen Kelley, Founder and Owner, has more than 30 years experience as a weight loss coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Translate your food preferences and lifestyle needs into a ‘New Way of Life’!

Trimm-Way Weight Center

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